California’s AZA celebrates Amazigh new year

California based band AZA took part in the new year celebrations of the local Amazigh community in the Bay Area. The band performed in two sold-out concerts in Sand City and Berkeley to an enthusiastic audience of Americans and north-africans of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian origins living in the area.

AZA is a fusion music band of 6 members from Santa Cruz (California, USA). The band has been performing in the United States venues for over a decade.

The founding members, Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou, are natives of the High Atlas mountain region in Morocco. AZA mixes traditional Amazigh music with different styles reflecting the diversity of its members. AZA music often combines the sounds of Guembri, Oud, Banjo and other Moroccan instruments; with the Jazz and blues styles of the saxophone, guitar, and percussion.