Canadian telecom TELUS expands operations to Morocco

The Vancouver-based Canadian company TELUS has announced its entry into the Moroccan market. The move comes as part of the company’s ongoing expansion strategy and marks its establishment in Africa, complementing its existing operations in South Africa.

TELUS International now operates in 32 countries across five continents. CEO of TELUS International, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating “By establishing our footprint on the continent in both Morocco and South Africa, our team is able to effectively meet near-term client demand while establishing a strong foundation from which to grow.”

The entry into Morocco and South Africa is driven, according to TELUS, by their fast-growing business services hubs and the availability of young, educated, and digitally native talent and fluency in multiple languages. It is also due to the strategic location of the countries due to proximity to Europe and North America time zones.

TELUS International’s expansion in Morocco provides employment opportunities for the local workforce and also offers global brands the chance to enhance their digital customer experience.

About TELUS International

TELUS International (NYSE & TSX: TIXT) is a leading provider of next-generation digital solutions designed to enhance customer experience (CX) for global and disruptive brands. The company’s comprehensive services support clients throughout their digital transformation journeys, helping them embrace next-generation technologies and achieve better business outcomes. TELUS International offers integrated solutions encompassing digital strategy, innovation, consulting and design, IT lifecycle management, intelligent automation, AI