Macron Downplays Tense Relations With Morocco

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his determination to “really move forward” with Morocco despite the recent controversies that have affected the relationship between the two countries. At a press conference on France’s African policy, he downplayed the crisis, saying that he did not want to add to it. Macron cited the series of French media attacks against Morocco in recent months as well as the controversies that have plagued their relationship.

The French president assured the public that his personal relationship with King Mohammed VI of Morocco remains friendly and will continue to be so. He added that he had had several discussions with the King on the subject of improving relations between their two countries. However, a close friend of the French presidency, Stéphane Séjourné, was one of the architects of the European Parliament’s resolution condemning Morocco’s alleged human rights abuses, which Rabat described as hostile.

Macron denied that the French government was involved in the media campaign against Morocco, saying that the scandals in the European Parliament and the wiretapping issues revealed by the press were not the work of France. He denounced those who “blow it all out of proportion.”

The French leader stressed the importance of moving forward despite the controversies, stating that the two countries must focus on building projects and progressing together. He also expressed his desire to deal with the crisis between Morocco and Algeria through dialogue, showing more sincerity and a pragmatic approach.

In conclusion, Macron’s comments indicate that France is committed to maintaining its relationship with Morocco and improving ties between the two countries. Despite recent controversies, Macron remains optimistic about the future of the partnership and believes that both countries can move forward together.