Hakimi Divorces Amid Rape Accusations

Spanish actress Hiba Abouk has announced her divorce from football player Achraf Hakimi amidst rape accusations against him. The announcement came through a statement released by the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Abouk clarified that she had made the decision to separate from Hakimi some time ago and that the allegations of rape against him did not influence her decision.

Hakimi has played a major role in Morocco’s success in the world cup. He was choosen in the best players team of the world cup and is regarded as the best right winder in the world currently.

In the statement, Abouk expressed her need to make a public statement and clarified her state of mind regarding erroneous information spreading about her split from the player. She also expressed her support for the victim, saying that she has always been and will always be on the side of the victims.

Abouk stated that she needed time to digest the shock and that she had decided to end her silence in order to recover her “personal, public and professional life in the least harmful and traumatic way possible”. She concluded by saying that she trusts in the good work of justice and hinted that she believes the victim’s version of events.

The news of the divorce comes after French Prosecutor accused Hakimi of rape. Abouk’s announcement clarifies that her decision to split from Hakimi was made before the allegations were brought up against him.