Highest followed artists from the Maghreb

The music scene in the Maghreb and North Africa at large has produced a lot of talented and creative artists. Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia have a rich and diverse cultural traditions, and their music reflects the unique blend of influences from the Amazigh, Middle east, and African cultures.

In 2020, Saad Lamjarrad was the highest followed artist in the Maghreb at 11 million followers. Since then singer Asma Lamnawar has taken over with 12.1millions of followers. The fallout of Saad Lamjarrad comes after being found guily in France for rape and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular and highly followed artists on Instagram from these three countries.

Top 3 most followed artists from Morocco

RankName@UsernameFollowers (M)Engagement (%)
1Asma Lmnawar@asmalmnawar12.10.3
2Dunia Batma@dunia batma9.60.3
3Zouhair Bahaoui@zouhairbahaoui9.60.7
The top 3 most followed artists from Morocco.

Top 3 most followed artists from Algeria

RankName@UsernameFollowers (M)Engagement (%)
1Abderraouf Derradji@soolkingofficiel8.60.5
2Numidia Lezoul@numidialezoul_official6.95.5
3Anes Tina@anes.tina3.72.2
The top 3 most followed artists from Algeria.

Top 3 most followed artists from Tunisia

RankName@UsernameFollowers (M)Engagement (%)
1Hedi Zaiem@zaiemhedi2.10.5
2Mosaïque FM@mosaiquefmofficiel1.80.1
3Najla Ettounsia@officialnajlaettounsia1.40.8
The top 3 most followed artists from Tunisia.