Morocco’s WC22 images that captivated the world

The world cup in Qatar will not be remembered only for the triumph of Argentina. Morocco’s historical achievement of having qualified for the world cup semi finals for the first time has also made headlines around the world.

Many images of the Atlas lions victories will be long remembered as iconic moments in Morocco’s football history.

Boufal dances with his mother

An iconic image of the 2022 World Cup is Sofiane Boufal dancing with his mother after his victory over Portugal in the quarterfinals.

The moment captures a moment of pride and joy.

Hakimi embraces his mother

Hakimi pictured here kissing his Mother after winning against Spain.

Achraf Hakimi said after he converted the scoring a penalty against his native Spain: “My mother cleaned the houses, and my father was a street vendor. We come from a modest family that struggled to earn a living. Today I fight every day for them. They sacrificed themselves for me.”

Moroccan players running towards Hakimi

Moroccan players run towards Ashraf Hakimi after he scored the decisive penalty against Spain.