Influential Moroccan Businessman Akhannouch

Aziz Akhannouch is a Moroccan businessman and politician who has been influential in shaping Morocco’s political and economic landscape. He is the founder of the Akwa Group, a large conglomerate of companies involved in a range of sectors including petroleum, agriculture, and tourism.

In addition to his business ventures, Akhannouch has also been an active member of Morocco’s political scene and has held several prominent positions within the country’s government, and currently serves as the prime minister of Morocco.


Akhannouch was born on November 16, 1961, in Tafraout, a small town in southwestern Morocco. He came from a family of farmers and merchants. After completing his primary and secondary education in Tafraout, he moved to France to pursue higher education.

In France, Akhannouch studied petroleum engineering at the École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, where he earned a degree in 1984. He later obtained a master’s degree in economics from the University of Sherbrooke in Canada in 1986.

After completing his studies, Akhannouch returned to Morocco and joined his family’s business, the Akwa Group. The company, which was founded by his father, is involved in various sectors, including petroleum, chemicals, real estate, and tourism. Akhannouch quickly rose through the ranks of the company and became its CEO in 1992.

Business success

Under Akhannouch’s leadership, the Akwa Group expanded rapidly, and its revenue grew significantly. The company’s success can be attributed to Akhannouch’s strategic vision, his ability to identify emerging opportunities, and his focus on innovation and diversification. Today, the Akwa Group is one of Morocco’s largest conglomerates, with operations in several African countries and partnerships with global corporations.

Akhannouch’s success in business has been widely recognized, and he has been named one of Morocco’s wealthiest individuals. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities. The Akwa Group has grown significantly under his leadership and has become one of the largest and most diversified companies in Morocco.

As of 2023, Akhannouch is the 13th richest Billionaire in Africa with a net worth of 1.5B according to Forbes. His wife Salwa Idrissi is also a renowned entrepreneur and runs her own company, which has franchises for Gap, Gucci and Ralph Lauren in Morocco.

Political rise

In addition to his business success, Akhannouch has also made a significant contribution to Morocco’s political landscape. He is a member of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), one of Morocco’s leading political parties, and has held several important positions within the party.

Akhannouch’s success in the private sector earned him recognition from the Moroccan government, and he was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2007. In this role, Akhannouch initiated several ambitious projects aimed at modernizing Morocco’s agricultural sector and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

During his tenure as Minister, Akhannouch played a key role in the development of Morocco’s Green Plan, which aimed to boost the country’s agricultural productivity and reduce its dependence on food imports. The plan was highly successful, and Morocco became a net exporter of food products for the first time in decades.

Prime Minister Appointment

In recent years, Akhannouch has continued to play an important role in Moroccan politics. In 2016, he was elected as the Secretary General of the RNI, a position he still holds. He is widely seen as a close ally of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and is considered one of the country’s most influential figures.

In 2021, Akhannouch was appointed Prime Minister of Morocco by King Mohammed VI, after his political party, the National Rally of Independents, won the parliamentary elections. As Prime Minister, Akhannouch has pledged to prioritize economic development, job creation, and social welfare programs. He has also promised to promote good governance, transparency, and accountability in government.

Honors and philanthropic work

Akhannouch’s success in business and politics has not gone unnoticed, and he has received several awards and honors for his achievements. In 2018, he was named the African Business Leader of the Year by the Africa CEO Forum, and in 2019, he was included in Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people.

In addition to his professional achievements, Akhannouch is also known for his philanthropic work. He has established several charitable foundations that support education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation initiatives in Morocco. He has also contributed to the construction of schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure projects in rural areas.

Akhannouch’s influence extends beyond Morocco, and he is a prominent member of several regional and international organizations. He is a member of the World Economic Forum and the African Development Bank, and he has been actively involved in promoting economic cooperation between Morocco and other countries in the region.