Morocco’s Q1 quarter unemployment rate goes up

Morocco’s unemployment rate has been a persistent issue for many years, with the latest statistics showing a slight increase in the first quarter of 2023. According to the country’s statistics agency HCP, the unemployment rate rose to 12.9% from 12.1% in the same period last year.

The main factor contributing to this rise is the ongoing drought that has hit the farming sector hard, resulting in job losses. The farming industry is a significant employer in Morocco, and the lack of rainfall has led to a decrease in agricultural production, which has resulted in many workers losing their jobs.

However, the unemployment rate is significantly higher among certain groups. For instance, the rate among young people is alarmingly high, standing at 35.3%. This statistic indicates that a large number of young people are struggling to find employment and may face challenges in accessing education and training opportunities.

Furthermore, the unemployment rate is also higher among graduates, at 19.8%. This statistic highlights the mismatch between the skills that graduates possess and the requirements of the job market.

The unemployment rate is also higher among women, at 18.1%.