Royal Air Maroc To Order New planes

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is embarking on a significant expansion endeavor, with plans to bolster its fleet through a newly launched tender for the acquisition of new aircraft. CEO Abdelhamid Addou revealed this development on Thursday, highlighting RAM’s commitment to meet the surging demand for air travel.

Royal Air Maroc To Order New planes

Addou informed Reuters that the tender was officially launched on April 15th, marking a pivotal step in RAM’s strategic growth trajectory. The decision to initiate such a tender underscores RAM’s proactive approach to adapt to evolving market dynamics and position itself as a key player in the aviation sector.

RAM’s ambitious expansion plans extend beyond mere fleet augmentation. With Morocco set to co-host the 2030 World Cup alongside Spain and Portugal, RAM aims to quadruple its fleet within the next decade. This strategic vision aligns with Morocco’s broader tourism objectives, with the country targeting 17.5 million tourist arrivals by 2026 and an ambitious 26 million by 2030.

RAM Growth

While large-scale tenders of this nature typically remain confidential, RAM’s decision to disclose this initiative reflects its transparent and forward-thinking ethos. The move also signifies RAM’s confidence in its growth trajectory and its commitment to transparency in its operations.

In October, Addou unveiled RAM’s aspiration to procure 200 aircraft, primarily focusing on medium-haul models complemented by long and short-haul variants. This comprehensive fleet expansion strategy is geared towards enhancing RAM’s competitiveness in the rapidly expanding African aviation market.

RAM currently operates a network connecting approximately 50 African airports, supported by a fleet comprising 52 airplanes, predominantly Boeing aircraft. The strategic acquisition of new aircraft will not only bolster RAM’s operational capabilities but also reinforce its position as a vital conduit for air travel connectivity across the African continent.

Investment Into Tourism

RAM’s proactive approach to fleet expansion underscores its pivotal role in driving Morocco’s tourism sector and fostering economic growth. With record tourist arrivals of 14.5 million reported last year, RAM’s ambitious growth trajectory is poised to further catalyze Morocco’s tourism industry and solidify its status as a premier aviation hub in Africa.