Tunisian President suspends the parliament

Tunisian President suspended the parliament on Monday December 13, 2021. President Kais Saied made the announcement to freeze Tunisia’s legislature body until the next elections.

These will take place after a referendum on constitutional reforms will be held next summer. In a speech broadcast on Tunisian state television, he announced that the new elections will be organized according to a new electoral law on December 17, 2022.

The Tunisian president announced that “The Parliament remains suspended and frozen until after the new elections.” The President also added that a referendum on the constitutional reforms will take place on July 25 2022.

Before the referendum, an electronic national consultation will be organized, starting in January to March 20 2022. A committee will “undertake the formulation of the various proposals,” according to Saied.

On July 25 2021, Kais Saied announced the sacking of then Prime minister, Hichem Mechichi, and assuming most of the political powers in his hands. He resorted to Article 80-2014P of the constitution. This authorizes the head of state to take “exceptional measures” in the event of an “imminent danger” to the country.

Two months later, on 22nd of September 2021, he issued a presidential order. In this order, he decided to freeze a section of the constitution. Thus effectively granting himself the power to legislate through decrees. And announcing the extension of the measures he had taken “until further notice.”