Tunisian startup Drest.tn secures VC funding

Drest.tn, an e-commerce platform based in Tunisia, has secured $336,000 in funding from 216 Capital Ventures. Launched in 2020 by founders Omane and Malek Mzabi, Drest.tn offers a wide variety of products including ready-to-wear clothes, beauty products, accessories, and fashion items.

The company plans to use the newly raised funds to fuel its expansion into the African market. This investment represents a significant milestone for the young company, and it is expected to boost its growth potential while enabling it to tap into new markets.

Despite the economic challenges Tunisia faces, its startups are managing to grow and attract venture capital funding. AMong its best success stories, is the AI startup InstaDeep which was recently acquired for half-billion dollars by a German company.

Press release:

Drest.tn, a Tunisian startup specializing in online sales of lifestyle products, has announced a recent fundraising round with investment fund 216 Capital Ventures. The fundraising round, which amounted to 1.2 million dinars, will enable Drest.tn to continue its growth and expand into the African market. Since the creation of its website in June 2020, Drest.tn has stood out in the Tunisian market by offering a complete range of lifestyle products, with a focus on fashion and beauty.

“Drest.tn is proud to announce its partnership with 216 Capital Ventures. This fundraising round will allow us to strengthen our team, our technological and logistical resources, and offer an even more optimal customer experience,” said the founders of Drest.tn, Omane and Malek Mzabi.

Drest.tn’s offerings range from ready-to-wear to beauty, as well as accessories for the whole family. The e-shop offers a unique shopping experience thanks to its renowned and authentic brands. For fashion enthusiasts, Drest.tn provides a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children. Beauty enthusiasts can indulge themselves with quality makeup, skincare, perfumes, and sunscreen products. Quality is a priority for Drest.tn, and each product is carefully selected to ensure an optimal customer experience.

“We are delighted with this fundraising round, which will allow us to continue our development and strengthen our presence in the African market. We plan to invest in technological tools, recruit experts in each field, and invest in marketing to become the Top of Mind brand for the general public,” explained the founders of Drest.tn, Omane and Malek Mzabi.

With this fundraising round, Drest.tn also plans to invest in its logistics to improve its supply chain and optimize its costs and delivery times. The startup intends to continue its international growth with the opening of its first store in Algeria.

“For this fundraising round, we chose to partner with 216 Capital Ventures for its great expertise in digitization, finance, and marketing. We are convinced that this collaboration will allow us to take a new step in our development,” concluded the founders of Drest.tn, Omane and Malek Mzabi.

Drest.tn’s ambitious strategy will enable it to continue its development and growth, relying on a range of quality products and recognized expertise.