Earth Quake Hits Al Hoceima in Northern Morocco

A 5.3 magnitude earth quake hits the city of Al Hoceima (known locally as Villa) early on Saturday in the Rif region of Morocco.

The region of has experienced many such earthquakes this year; and in the past since 1994.

In 2004, Al Hoceima and nearby villages experienced its worst earthquake which killed 623 people and injured 1000 after a 6.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.

The region is known for its beautiful beaches and fishing industry.

A fisherman’s death in 2017 sparked huge protests in the region due to its marginalization.

The protests, known as Hirak Rif, have resulted in the arrest of many local activists such as it leader Nasser Zefzafi who was sentenced to a 20 years prison term.