Famous artists who called Morocco home

Many Famous artists lived in Morocco for its proximity to Europe. Morocco has been known to be a magnet for tourists and artists who seek an exotic destination. It makes for a good escape for a few weeks or even a few months from the western life style in Europe and America.

There are many artists that have decided to make Morocco their home. It could be the weather, the ambiance or its food. Many writers took to Tanger searching for cheap thrills, freedom and a way of life impossible to find in Europe or the States. Others fall in love with Marrakesh and old Medinas across the country.

Here is probably the famous artists who lived in Morocco in the 20th century that everyone should know about

British prime minister and painter Winston Churchil

Famous people who embraced Morocco as a home: Churchill
WInston Churchill

Churchill, the British Prime Minister during world war II, was a talented painter who fall in love with Morocco! And was a fan of Marrakesh city.

He stayed at La Mamounia and painted many paintings including the famous “The Minaret of Koutoubia”. This painting was later offered to US President Roosevelt.

American writer Paul Bowls

Famous people who embraced Morocco as a home: paul bowls
American writer Paul Bowls (right).

Bowles was the definitive Tangier Expat of the golden era of Tanger in the 20th century. As bisexual and a lifelong marijuana user, he was the enigmatic exile who personified this “city on the edge.” He first came to Tangier in 1931 on Gertrude Stein’s recommendation. He settled there in 1947 and remained for another 52 years.

Paul Bowles’s apartment in the medina was the center of it all. Bowls was among a list of many writers who loved in Tangier. From Tennessee Williams, Patricia Highsmith, Jack Kerouac, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, William Burroughs.

French designer Eve Saint Lauren

Famous people who embraced Morocco as a home: Eve saint Lauren
Eve Saint Lauren in Marrakesh.

The French couturier falls in love with Marrakesh after a tour of the city city in 1966! He used to walk in the Majorelle Garden often that when he learnt that it will be destroyed and replaced by a hotel, he bought it with his partner. This is where Yves Saint Laurent decides to come at least twice a year to draw his collections.

Charmed by the city and its colors, he invites many friends to discover his new city of hearts. In 2008, his ashes are scattered in the rose garden of the villa Oasis and a memorial is created within the Majorelle Garden.