Moroccans are the highest vaccinated in Africa

Morocco has managed a rare feat in Africa with its aggressive Covid19 vaccination policy. It has the highest vaccination rate in Africa and Maghreb. So far, the country has managed to fully vaccinate about two thirds of the total population. Although this falls short of the promise to vaccinate 80% of the population.

Vaccination rates in Morocco (Source: Our world data).

Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, Morocco has reported 950,643 infections and 14,788 coronavirus-related deaths.

The 2nd highest vaccination rate is reported by Tunisia, with 44.4 of the total population received two vaccines. Tunisian health authorities have reported 718,443 infections and 25,401 coronavirus-related deaths in the country since the pandemic began.

Vaccination rates in Tunisia (Source: Our world data).

In Algeria, the vaccination rate is only 12.3%. There have been 211,662 infections and 6,111 coronavirus-related deaths reported.

Vaccination rates in Algeria (Source: Our world data).

Meanwhile, with a civil war and political unrest, Libya has reported numbers close or better than Algeria, having a 2-dose vaccination rate of 9.7% and 1st dose- rate of 24.9% much higher than Algeria. Libya has reported 375,468 infections and 5,499 coronavirus-related deaths.

Vaccination rates in Libya (Source: Our world data).
Country1st dose vaccination rate (%)2nd dose vaccination rate (%)
Vaccination rates across the Maghreb countries.