The food that a first traveler to Morocco must try

When it comes to food, the Moroccan cuisine ranks as one of the finest in the world. Some dishes like Couscous and Tagine are popular worldwide. However, Morocco has a lot to offer in terms of food, culture, and music for such a relatively small sized country.


CouscousTaginePastillaHarira. Couscous and Tagine maybe just two dishes but they are prepared in a variety of ways with meat (beef, lamb, chicken) or without. The most celebrated tagine is lamb Tagine, while the 7 vegetables Couscous is probably the national dish of Morocco.

Recommended book

For bread alone of Mohamed Choukri. One of the most controversial books in Morocco. It was banned until 1998 because of depicting the everyday live of an illiterate boy (Mohamed Choukri himself) and his suffering within his violent father; and his sexual adventures in Tanger. Subjects that are taboo in Morocco up to date.

Recommended music

There a re many different musical styles in Morocco that are influenced by African, Andalusian, and Arabic rhythms. Each region in Morocco has its own distinct musical style such as Sous music in the south near Agadir, Atlas music in the high Atlas mountains (Mohamed Rouicha) , and Jballa/Andalusian music in Northern Morocco. Sub-Saharan influence can also be seen in Gnaoua music.

Morocco hosts many outdoor music festivals in the spring/summer seasons.