USA adopts a new map of Morocco

The US ambassador to Rabat, David Fischer,  has officially unveiled the new US recognized map of Morocco. The official map includes now the disputed Western Sahara; in a diplomatic win for Morocco. This comes few days after Morocco announced the normalization of diplomatic and economic relationships with Israel.

The reaction in Morocco has been split between the main stream media who welcomed the news; and those against especially the Islamist leaning parties; known historically as strong supporters for Palestinian statehood.

The US decision is also expected to have huge ramification in North Africa. The territory’s Polisario Front expressed its anger; as spokesman told BBC Focus on Africa it was a “dangerous setback”. “Sovereignty over Western Sahara is a decision that should be taken exclusively by the Saharawi people through a genuine expression of their will,” said spokesman Oubi Bouchraya Bachi, adding “it doesn’t belong to the US” or any other power.

The announcement by president Trump comes few weeks after the escalation of the conflict between Moroccan and Polisario, breaking almost three decades of ceasefire.