Morocco, Spain and Portugal to host 2023 World cup

Morocco, Spain and Portugal bid to host 2023 World cup FIFA has officially been approved by FIFA. The proposal format to play the world cup matches in six countries across three continents has surprised many. Spain, Portugal, and Morocco bid have been selected as as co-hosts, and the tournament will kick off with the first three matches held in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. This unique arrangement has been planned to commemorate the centenary of the World Cup, as it marks 100 years since the inaugural tournament in Montevideo.

The final approval of this decision is expected to come at the FIFA congress scheduled for the following year. FIFA has also confirmed that only bids from countries within the Asian Football Confederation and the Oceania Football Confederation will be considered for the 2034 World Cup. Following this announcement, Saudi Arabia has expressed its intention to bid for the 2034 tournament for the first time. Interested host nations have until October 31st to submit their confirmation of interest.

The opening match of the 2030 World Cup is set to take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, the same city that hosted the first World Cup match in 1930. Subsequent matches will be held in Argentina and Paraguay before the tournament moves to North Africa and Europe. This geographical shift means that participating teams may experience different seasons during the same tournament.

If the proposal for the 2030 World Cup is approved, Morocco will become only the second African nation to host a World Cup, following South Africa in 2010. Spain, which recently named its joint-host status, saw its former football federation chief, Luis Rubiales, resign amidst controversy related to his actions at the Women’s World Cup. Portugal, on the other hand, has never hosted the World Cup but did host the European Championship in 2004.

As in previous World Cups with co-hosts, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco will all automatically qualify for the tournament.