Morocco Still Leading African Nations in Latest FIFA Ranking

In the latest FIFA football world ranking, Morocco still leading African nations in latest FIFA Ranking. Senegal, and Tunisia prominently featured among Africa’s top footballing nations as well. However, Morocco’s standing has slipped one spot from 12th to 13th in the global rankings.

As of the latest rankings, Morocco maintains its position as the leading African team, further solidifying its status as a footballing powerhouse on the continent. Senegal closely follows at the 17th spot globally, while Tunisia secures the 42nd position, underscoring the region’s strong representation in international football. Additionally, Algeria stands at 43rd, showcasing the depth of talent within the Maghreb nations.

The latest rankings come amidst Mauritania’s impressive performance in the 2024 African Cup of Nations, where they achieved a historic milestone by qualifying for the second round for the first time in their history. This achievement reflects the growing strength and competitiveness of football in the Maghreb region, as nations continue to make strides on the international stage.

While Morocco’s slip in the rankings is expected, it comes after a historic performance of the Atlas Lions at the world cup in Qatar having qualified to the semi finals for the first time for an African team. In light of this success, Morocco along Spain and Portugal, are set to host the 2023 World cup.