Morocco’s population set to decline after 2065

Morocco currently has a population of approximately 38 million people, making it the second most populous country in the Maghreb behind Algeria at 44 millions. Over the past few decades, Morocco’s population has been steadily increasing, with significant implications for the country’s economy and social development.

Population Trend

The population of Morocco has been steadily increasing since the mid-20th century, growing from around 10 million in 1950 to its current level of 37 million. Currently, Morocco’s population is growing at a rate of 1.2% per year, which has declined slightly in the past few years.

Morocco remains a demographically young country with a median age of 29.5 years and a fertility rate of 2.42 births per woman, well above the population replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman. This combination will allow Morocco’s population to continue to grow well into the future, although not as rapidly as other African countries.

Morocco’s population growth is slightly slowed by negative net migration of about 50,000 people every year.

Population pyramid of Morocco (credit).

Growth factors

This growth has been driven by a combination of factors, including improvements in healthcare and living standards, as well as a high birth rate. However, the rate of population growth has slowed in recent years, due in part to a decline in the birth rate and an increase in emigration.

In response to the challenges posed by a growing population, the Moroccan government has implemented a range of policies aimed at managing population growth and promoting sustainable development. These policies include efforts to improve healthcare and education, as well as initiatives to encourage family planning and reduce poverty.

The government has also launched programs to promote economic growth and job creation, with a particular focus on the agriculture and tourism sectors.

Population peak

The United Nations Population Division projects that Morocco’s population will continue to grow in the coming decades, but at a slower rate than in the past.

The population is expected to reach a peak of around 47 million people by the middle of the century, after which it is projected to decline slightly. This projection is based on assumptions about future fertility rates, mortality rates, and migration patterns, which could be affected by a range of economic, social, and environmental factors.

Population trend in Morocco (credit).