Start of legal cultivation of Cannabis in Morocco

Morocco, known for its illegal cannabis production, has taken a significant step towards legalizing cannabis cultivation. On Monday 8th 2023, the first seed of cannabis was legally planted in the Taounate region in the presence of local authorities. This marks a historic moment for the region, which has long been associated with illegal cannabis production.

The cultivation process took place in indoor nurseries and seedlings will be later distributed to farmers in licensed territories to grow cannabis, which will produce the first legal crop of this plant.

Before the sowing process, investors in the field signed agreements with the National Agency for the legalization of activities related to cannabis, public authorities, and cooperatives and farmers licensed by the agency in the regions of Chefchaouen and Al Hoceima. Under these agreements, farmers will be provided with high-quality seeds and a team of agricultural engineers and technicians who will guide them along the technical path and provide necessary information and techniques to increase production.

The first batch of imported seeds was delivered to farmers and cooperatives in Al-Hoceima, Chefchaouen, and Taounate provinces more than a week ago, and seeds suitable for planting 105 hectares have been distributed to more than 170 farmers. Next year, 500 farmers will be targeted.

Legalizing cannabis cultivation in Morocco has the potential to boost the country’s economy and create job opportunities. The cannabis industry could help boost tourism in the country. However, some have raised concerns that legalization may lead to increased drug abuse and addiction.