Visual identity of 2030 World Cup revealed in a Lisbon Ceremony

In a ceremony held on Tuesday in Lisbon, the presidents of the Moroccan, Portuguese and Spanish Football Federations presented the slogan and visual identity for their countries’ collaborative bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The event showcased the bid’s slogan, “Yalla Vamos”. The slogan aims to resonate with a diverse audience, encompassing players, coaches, fans, dreamers, and leaders alike. Antonio Laranjo, Portugal’s representative on the bid coordination committee, emphasized the inclusive nature of the slogan, emphasizing its significance across languages and cultures.

The visual identity of the bid, drawing inspiration from native art shared among the three countries, was unveiled with bold arcs of circles in solid red, yellow, green, and blue, symbolizing the colors of the respective flags and elements of nature. Explaining the symbolism, the committee highlighted the sun, sea, and beach depicted within the visual identity, representing the shared heritage and passion for football across the nations.

Furthermore, the bid’s positioning emphasizes the unity of three nations and two continents united by a common vision to shape the future standards of football for the next century. The bid aims to leverage the passion for football, coupled with outstanding infrastructure, to ensure optimal conditions for players at the highest level.

The declaration of intent for the joint bid was signed in October at the Mohammed VI Football Complex in Sale, solidifying the commitment of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, alongside its Portuguese and Spanish counterparts, to bring the 2030 World Cup to fruition.

As the bid progresses, anticipation grows for the final decision, scheduled to be made by a vote of the FIFA Congress in the fourth quarter of 2024. This ceremony not only marks a significant milestone in the bid process but also underscores the shared commitment of the three nations to showcase the best of football to the world.

Morocco, Spain and Portugal bid to host 2023 World cup FIFA was officially approved by FIFA in October 2023. The proposal format to play the world cup matches in six countries across three continents has surprised many.

Spain, Portugal, and Morocco bid have been selected as as co-hosts, and the tournament will kick off with the first three matches held in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. This unique arrangement has been planned to commemorate the centenary of the World Cup, as it marks 100 years since the inaugural tournament in Montevideo.