Tamazight Studies Impacted By Teaching Entry Exam’s Age Limit

Many graduates of Tamazight Studies from Moroccan universities find themselves excluded from the teaching recruitment exams due to an age ceiling imposed by the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports. The current maximum age of entry into the teaching profession is set at 30 years.

This situation has led to a decrease in the demand for Tamazight Studies, according to parliamentarian Rashid Hamouni, head of the Progress and Socialism team. Hamouni asked for clarification from Shakib Benmoussa, the current Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports.

Hamouni stated in his written question: “Undoubtedly, the integration of the Tamazight language in various aspects of life requires, first of all, to expand teaching it in educational institutions, which in turn requires creating sufficient teaching positions for the language”.

Hamouni noted that he has seen data which indicates a drastic decrease in registration numbers for Tamazight studies at universities.