The Band Promoting Amazigh Music in the USA

AZA is a fusion music band of 6 members from Santa Cruz (California, USA). The band has been performing in the United States venues for over a decade. The founding members, Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou, are natives of the High Atlas mountain region. AZA mixes traditional Amazigh music with different styles reflecting the diversity of its members. AZA music often combines the sounds of Guembri, Oud, Banjo and other Moroccan instruments; with the Jazz and blues styles of the saxophone, guitar, and percussion.

AZA has been a flag bearer of Amazigh culture in California. They always convey to the public the richness of the North African culture through their music and workshops. AZA delivers exotic performances mixing different instruments, sounds and styles; taking the audience through an inspirational multicultural experience.

The founding members Fattah and Mohamed have studied music in Morocco for over twenty-five years and are recognized as master musicians, an honor achieved by only few distinguished musicians in the High-Atlas Atlas musical tradition. Since moving to California, AZA has released two albums and have performing at local music festivals, clubs, and colleges around the United States and abroad.

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