Discover The Dream Job Of Youth In the Maghreb

A recent study conducted by Remitly, a financial institution, aimed to determine the dream job of each country around the world by analyzing Google searches between October 2021 and October 2022. The results of the study are now available, and the infographic presents some surprising findings.

Remitly looked at global search data to discover the dream jobs of every country in the world. Remitly filtered for searches like ‘how to be a …’’ to show the amount of people in the ‘dreaming’ stage of different careers.

In Morocco, the most sought after job title is ‘businessman’. While in Algeria and Libya, it was ‘writer’. Tunisia was unique in having ‘influencer’ as the most searched term. While Mauritania, like Morocco, becoming a businessman is the dream of the many.

As with the world, dream jobs have evolved over the years, and the Internet has opened up new possibilities. The study’s first five positions offer a glimpse of this change, with pilot, writer, dancer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur ranked in ascending order as the most desired occupations.