Viral video of a comedian celebrating Amazigh year

Canadian comedian, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, has his own way of celebrating the Amazigh new year. He released a video wishing happy new year to gay Amazigh men that went viral on social media in Morocco.

On his youtube channel, the comedian posted a video titled “It’s the year 2971 in the Julian calendar, so Happy New Year to all my Sexy Gay Amazigh fans!”

In the video, Daniel-Ryan is seeing dancing to an upbeat song from the Souss region. He goes on to explains that Amazigh means a free man. He adds in a funny way that the term Berbers is offensive to Amazigh people.

The video concludes by wishing a happy new year to all Amazigh but especially to gay men. The comedian humorously joked that he mainly speaks to them more than straight men and women.

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is a world-traveling comedian and has performed in more than 45 countries. He is well known on the global comedy circuit. Huffington Post describes him as “brilliantly subversive”.

He lives now in Berlin. His comedy explores culture, identity, sexuality, stereotypes & personal confession.