Celebrations in the Maghreb after Morocco’s win

Wild celebrations took place in the Maghreb counrties after Morocco’s 1-0 win against Portugal to qualify for the first time to a world cup semi-final.

Right after the end of the match football fans across North Africa took to the streets of many cities to celebrate a historic moment in the world of football.


Reuters reported muted celebration in Algeria considering the cold relationships between the two countries.


Spontaneous marches stopped in front of the Moroccan embassy in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott, raising Moroccan flags heavily, in an enthusiastic atmosphere reported by the local media, which referred to the chanting of Moroccan national anthem and chants glorifying the Moroccan national football team, and noted its heroic and historical performance. The celebrations were not limited to the Mauritanian capital, but also included other Mauritanian cities to celebrate Morocco’s victory and its historic qualification.


Wild celebration were reported in the capital of Tunisia, Tunis. Radio “Shams FM” reported on Morocco’s victory and its qualification to the semi-finals of the World Cup, describing it as “the first achievement of its kind at the Arab and African levels.” While “Al-Shorouk Online” (the most popular in Tunisia) published on “Facebook” pictures of Tunisian citizens who gathered to celebrate the Moroccan qualification while wearing the Moroccan flag.


The atmosphere of Libya did not deviate from the rest of the Maghreb countries, as its capital, Tripoli, was filled with celebrations and cheers after the Moroccan national team’s victory over its Portuguese team. Libyans especially celebrated the Moroccan striker Zakaria Abu Khalal, who was born in the Netherlands. 2000, to a Libyan father and a Moroccan mother.

The player was praised by the Libyan media while his photos were circulated extensively after the end of the Portugal match. The Moroccan striker, who is of Libyan origin, scored the second goal against the Belgian national team.