Ziyech talks about his mother with Vogue

Get to know Hakim Ziyech, the Moroccan Atlas Lion and star footballer at Chelsea, who recently sat down for an interview with Vogue Netherlands. While known for his intuitive and humble personality, Ziyech also has a fierce desire to protect his personal life and dislikes being in the spotlight.

In the interview, Ziyech opened up about why his privacy is so important to him, especially since every move he makes is constantly monitored. This was particularly challenging after the World Cup in Qatar, where the Moroccan national team made history by reaching the semi-finals, but fell short of their goal to win the whole thing. Ziyech admits to having a winning mentality and was disappointed by the outcome, but still considers it a significant accomplishment.

During the World Cup, the Moroccan team exemplified important values such as the significance of family and solidarity. Ziyech was touched by the image of his teammate kissing his mother on the forehead, as it represented Moroccan values that resonated with people. Although his mother is proud of him, Ziyech acknowledges that he doesn’t see her as often as he used to when he played for Ajax.

Speaking of his mother, Ziyech admitted that she frequently asks if he’s getting married, as is common among Moroccan mothers. Ziyech said “I get that question quite often, yes. You know how it is with Moroccan mothers. Everyone has already left our door.”

He also revealed that she prefers her son to help others rather than buy her gifts. Ziyech is known for his generosity and frequently donates to those in need, all while preferring to keep a low profile. Asked if he bough his mother anything., Ziyech said“[she didn’t want it at all] My mother is very down to earth. She is also just attached to her house, has lived there for forty years. Her children were born there, her husband died there. She prefers her son to help others. “

Despite his celebrity status, Ziyech remains grounded and focused on his passion for sports. His dedication to the game and desire to make a difference in the lives of others is a testament to his character and values.