Libyan Festival Claims Record of Largest Couscous

The third edition of the Couscous Day Festival was held in Sabratah, located 70 km west of the capital Tripoli.

The event took place on Friday, March 10, when people from across the country gathered to celebrate the ‘Couscous Day’ festival in Sabratah. Organizers created a giant dish of couscous weighing approximately 2.5 tonnes.

The organizers and sponsors of the couscous day event stated that they had also succeeded in breaking a world record for the largest dish, as per Libya Herald.

According the Guinness world records, the largest bowl of couscous was made in 2004 in Algeria weighting about 6 tonnes.

Once the event was over, it was distributed among the hundreds of attendees. “The couscous is excellent, with its onion, its meat, and its greens. I hope they make it every year,” said one resident, Khaled Zarti to Reuters.