Morocco playing Peru in a friendly game in Spain

The Moroccan team is scheduled to play against Peru in a friendly match on Tuesday at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

Morocco’s impressive performance at the World Cup in Qatar last year saw them eliminate Spain and Portugal before losing to France in the semifinals, finishing in fourth place. The team recently won a friendly against Brazil on Saturday.

Peru players and Spain police brawl at hotel

On Monday, a conflict occurred between Peru players and Spanish police officers outside the team’s hotel in Madrid, ahead of their friendly match against Morocco at the Metropolitano Stadium on Tuesday. Social media images captured the incident, which began when a player was pushed back by an officer while watching singing fans.

Other players and Peru staff then got involved, resulting in a brief brawl with other police officers. The altercation was accompanied by continued chanting from the crowd. It is unclear whether anyone was detained. Earlier that day, a Spanish hotel employee had been arrested for reportedly making racial insults towards the Moroccan national team on social media.

Spaniard detained over racist insults

According to the Spanish news agency EFE on Monday, a hotel worker in Madrid has been arrested for making racial insults towards members of the Moroccan national football team on social media. Other hotel staff reported the comments, which included insulting language and photos of the players.