Morocco’s most followed Instagrams

Instagram is a popular social media platform in Morocco. It is widely used to follow celebrities, browse the latest trending pictures, and keep up with the news. The platform is very popular among the younger generation, and is perceived as a get rich quick for many wanna-be celebrities.

At the top of the list of most followed Instagram accounts sits the controversial musician Saad Lamjarred with 10.9 million followers. Saad was arrested in 2016 after being accused for rape and sexual assault. After many months in prison, he has been released but faced later more accusations from two other women.

While Saad is widely known in Morocco and throughout the region, it is worth noting that the next 9 most-followed accounts are relatively unknown. The second on the list is singer Salma Rachid, and 3rd of the list is fashion celebrity Rajaa Belmir.

RankWhoName and usernameOccupationFollowersEngagement rate

Lifestyle Singer10.9M1.90%
2Salma Rachid
3رجاء بلمير
Fashion Humor Celebrities Technology Animals & Pets7.1M3.30%
4Zouhair Bahaoui
Singer Music6.9M1.50%
5Just Sul
7Ibtissam Tiskat
8Leilahadioui ??
Modeling Fashion Lifestyle5.6M0.40%
9Rachid Allali
10عمر بلمير ?
Morocco’s top influentials. Source